Sewing Machines 101: (Some) Tips & Tricks!

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I spent some time today with my pals Seth and Lauren at WWLP’s MassAppeal studio to be a guest on this morning’s show. It’s always fun to be on live TV with them, and to try to trick left-handed Seth into cutting with pinking shears (it’s like, impossible)….

Today, however, we did something we almost never do at Beehive Sewing Studios: basic maintenance and sewing machines 101. As a managed space, it’s important for us to (1) take great care of the equipment so it can be used by tons of different people, and (2) give you the mental space to focus on the actual sewing project, instead of stressing over your bobbin tension, threading, and motor speed.

If you are inspired to carry out some basic maintenance on your machine, pick up one of our signature Sewing Machine Maintenance Toolkits! Current members, be sure to use your member discount code at checkout!

Finally, if you’ve bought a Newman Sewing machine through Beehive Sewing Studios, it’s probably in great working order. If, however, your friend’s mother-in-law’s sister’s neighbor gave you a Singer she bought at Costco, well, you might want to watch the spot below!.