Sit + Stitch in Members’ Community Area

Way back when (well, 2012) when we first opened, we had these incredible comfy chairs in the front of the studio. People would sit, sew on buttons, read our books and magazines, take a little break from prepping/sewing/ironing/etc.

Those great chairs are now in my living room, but fear not! We’ve transformed the rear area of the studio into a Members’ Community Space for you.

The space now features:

  • One (1) very comfy, very red upholstered chair;
  • About 100+ books and magazines containing crazy helpful information about sewing and other fiber arts and crafts;
  • A small refrigerator, microwave, hot pot, cups, utensils, and water pitcher for you to use;
  • A community board where you can post announcements, notes, and other info;
  • Practice fabric for members to try out different techniques or patterns.


Member-Sewist Community Space


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