Can the Man in Your Life Rock a Chef’s Hat?

Oh yes he can! A little birdie told me that Father’s Day* is coming up this weekend, and we can’t all give our dad’s new cars or cruise vacations. Looking for a sweet, handmade, fun, and functional gift for the grillmaster in your life? Chef’s hat.

Believe it or not, the chef’s hat — a “toque” — was invented in the 16th Century. I couldn’t quite figure out why it’s so puffy, but it keeps the sweat out of your eyes, your hair out of the food, and is just pretty fun to wear.

Check out the segment below for a quick tutorial on how to whip up a chef’s hat (see what I did there? Chef’s whip things, get it?). You don’t need a lot of fabric – 1/2 yard of cotton will do. In fact, you’ll see that I repurposed a like-new pillowcase for our sample.

Don’t think you can do it alone? Come into the studio and we’ll make one with you ($25 includes materials and help!!).


*It should go without saying, but Father’s Day is for celebrating all the men who care about us! In our Beehive family, we’re celebrating dads, stepdads, grandpas, uncles, nephews, sons, godfathers, mentors, and friends. Have a great weekend!