Water, Water Everywhere…. Except on Your Stuff!

Summer is made for visits to the beach, the pool, the lake, the park, the shore, “camp,” and wherever else your sun-drenched heart desires. You know what’s not cool? When your clothes, wallet, phone, book, and other stuff get wet!

We’ve been using some sweet iron-on vinyl here in the studio for a few years now. It’s a terrific way to treat fabric so it functions like oilcloth for beach bags, totes, lunch bags, and other accessories. The version we sell has a matte finish, so it looks a little more under the radar than the super-shiny plastic stuff. You can use it on the right side, wrong side, or both sides of your fabric!

Tess spent some time sewing with Danny at MassAppeal this morning, showing you what to do (and what NOT to do!) if you’re considering using this product. We sell it here in the studio by the foot, and will give you a tutorial on how to use it.