I’m Reminded of You…

I visit Lauren and Danny at MassAppeal about once a month to share sewing techniques, tips, and project ideas. A few weeks ago, I had planned a segment on what I call “reminder projects.”

Most of us have heard of “memory quilts,” which is a really lovely way of using the garments that belonged to a loved one who passed on to make a quilt. Sometimes memory quilts will be made from t-shirts, or a quilt’s Dresdent star will be made from neckties.

The thing is, not everyone will get use out of a t-shirt quilt or a quilted wall-hanging, so I like to harvest fabric from a garment and use it in a project I’ll use and enjoy even more. We don’t have to think of these projects as things we tackle after a loved one has passed away — reminder projects can help us think about a far-away friend, former co-worker, or anyone we want to keep close.

Think outside the quilt! Try utilizing fabric from a dress shirt, a pair of jeans, or a special tablecloth for a wallet, keychain, eyeglass case, shirt, throw pillow, or zip pouch. The possibilities are pretty endless (provided you have an imagination!).

The other reminder or memory project to consider is one that features the image of a loved one (or beloved pet, as you’ll see in the video). It’s easy to get somes fabric printed with photographs on it, but think instead about designing your own fabric using the image or likeness of someone or something and having it printed through an online custom fabric service.

What’s interesting about this video? When I was on set I brought a few different sample projects. You’ll notice a khaki colored shirt draped on the table. I meant to talk about it but ran out of time. It’s one of my stepdad, Harris’ first army shirts. He passed away on September 6th, a week after this segment aired. And in a few weeks, I’m going to transform that shirt into something I’ll wear this fall (maybe a light jacket?). Anyway, here’s to keeping our friends, family, loved ones, pets and other important beings close to us however we can…