Beehive Basics: A Studio Introduction



Our studio introduction, Beehive Basics, helps participants become comfortable with the studio’s tools and equipment – from cutting and measuring tools to irons and conventional sewing machines. Students will leave with a stitch sampler – a fabric “cheat sheet” that comes in handy during future visits! – and our signature relaxation eye pillow/heat pack project they create from scratch. The session is fun, and with no more than eight people per session, students receive a high level of personal attention!


We require Beehive Basics for all new members at Beehive Sewing Studio + Workspace. Even if you’ve been sewing for years at home, it’s important for us to share the studio’s safety rules with you, and to give you a hands-on orientation to the studio’s tools and equipment. Beehive Basics is also the required class for our longer intro course, BeeSchool for Beginners.

Will I learn…

  • How to wind a bobbin? No. As a makerspace, we set up, manage, and maintain the equipment. That’s better for everyone, and allows you to focus on growing your sewing skills instead of getting down into the weeds of the equipment. Did you learn how to drive a car before you learned how to change the oil and replace a fuse? There you have it.
  • How to thread your machines? Nope, see above! It’s better/safer/more effective when we take care of the machine, and you take care of the sewing.
  • How to hem my pants? Maybe. If you’re plucky and paying good attention, you’ll realize that the skills you learn in Beehive Basics are essential sewing skills used in a variety of simple sewing projects, including hemming. Do you need practice to be an expert hemmer? Sure, but once you understand how to measure, cut, pin, press, and stitch, you can start carrying out basic projects.
  • How to work with t-shirt material? Heck no. Regular (also called “conventional” or “domestic”) sewing machines are not made to effectively sew stretchy fabrics. But never fear! We’ve invested in some incredible overlock machines that give you factory-style results. If t-shirts, leggings, sweats, and yoga pants are your jam, check out our Serger Basics class.
  • How to “think like a maker?” Heck yes. You’ll learn how to use the tools available to start to become self-sufficient at sewing. This might including changing the way you see things, feel things, and use your hands.
  • All the lingo I see in other people’s blog posts? Some of it. Our popular published guidebook that comes with all Beehive Basics sessions includes a nifty glossary of terms. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable here; we don’t want you feeling left out or weird because you don’t know a particular word or phrase. It’s also great to “learn the language” when you try a new hobby or get back into it after a while!

More fine print

  • Beehive Basics is open to adults and children ages 13 and up. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Groups of three (3) or more may schedule a Beehive Basics class outside of the published calendar by contacting the studio directly.
  • All tools, fabric, materials, and supplies are included.
  • Please read Beehive Sewing’s detailed class policies.