Serger Basics: Introduction to Overlock Machines

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What’s Covered?

Serger Basics is our two-hour orientation to the BabyLock Eclipse SX sergers and the Janome CoverPro 1000. These overlock machines are great for working with knits/stretchy fabrics and creating professional-quality seams and edges. Use our sample fabric to practice overlock stitching, rolled hems, lettuce edges, and gathers, then, use your own fabric to create a cloth napkin, baby hat, handkerchief, or other small item.

Is it for me?

This class is for advanced beginners who understand the differences between knits and wovens, hems and seams, skim and whole (wait, scratch that last one!). Serger Basics is required for members who want to have sew-on-your-own access to the overlocks, or who plan to take knitwear classes like our Trace-and-Make T-Shirt or Leggings workshops.

Will I Learn….

  • How to thread the Beehive sergers? Yep. We don’t expect you to master it, and as a managed makerspace, we will always rethread and adjust the sergers, but going through the threading process helps you understand how the machine works (at least we think it does!).
  • How to make beautiful seams on stretch fabrics? Heck yes! The sergers are the “right tool for the job” when it comes to constructing knitwear. You’ll learn how the machine works and make several samples that will be invaluable references later.
  • How to make beautiful rolled hems? Double heck yes! You’ll make some samples of rolled hems on woven and knit fabric. After that, you’ll want to have yourself a little cloth napkin party…
  • How to use my own serger at home? Probably. Makes and models of machines differ, but there are some universal truths about how overlock machines function.
  • How to thread my own machine? Nope. This class is a training session to get you feeling comfortable and confident using our high-end equipment. Unless you are a member who plans to carry your serger here for Social Sews, we don’t do trainings on a machine you plan to use at home.

More fine print

  • Serger Basics is open to adults and children ages 13 and up. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Groups of three (3) or more may schedule a Serger Basics class outside of the published calendar by contacting the studio directly.
  • All tools, fabric, materials, and supplies are included.
  • Please read Beehive Sewing’s detailed class policies.