Take Note: Our flagship studio in Northampton is closing on April 21st! _Read more here_.

This page will be updated again soon!!

When people come into the Northampton studio, the most common question we hear is, “How does this…work?”

It’s taken a couple of years of experimenting to figure it out, and to be honest, we still might not have it quite right. See, opening a storefront makerspace focused on sewing isn’t quite like opening a pizza parlor. Despite years of research, there was no easy-to-follow playbook for this kind of operation. We’ve tested out different business models, started some different programs, ended others, and now, are pretty confident in the current system.

OK, just tell me how it works already!

There are two main things you can do here:

1. Make a project from our line of kits

One-on-one, in a sewing party, or during a scheduled workshop

2. Take our “BeeSchool for Beginners” course

And become a self-sufficient, independent Member-Sewist

I’d be lying if I said there aren’t just a couple of other things you can do here, especially after you do those first two. You could take a one-time class on a topic that interests you. You could also pop in when we’re open to the public and carry out your own project, like making curtains (provided you’ve passed the Sew-On-Your-Own quiz!).

So what does it cost?

  • Project kits range from $9 to $40, including studio time!
  • 2-hour project kit sewing parties require a $50 flat fee + kit fees for all guests
  • Studio access for members is $15/hr plus a 10% discount (so, yes, why didn’t I just write $13.50/hr?)
  • Studio access for non-members is $25/hr
  • Cheerleading for members is $25/hr (but free during Social Sews!)
  • BeeSchool for Beginners is $300, including materials and supplies
  • Beehive Basics is $40, including materials and supplies
  • Stretch Basics is $60, including materials and supplies
  • Other single-session classes range from $25 to $60
  • Other multi-session courses range from $100 to $300
  • Private lessons are $75/hr, available in 3-hour blocks

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You got it!