Take Note: Our flagship studio in Northampton is closing on April 21st! _Read more here_.

This page will be updated again soon!!


But is it actually fun to sew alone in your basement? It’s not, we get it! So we offer Social Sew for current members!

What is Social Sew?

  • A 2-hour open sewing session for $25 (plus 10% off that! So, yeah, $22.50)
  • Open project sewing! There is no curriculum — you decide what you want to work on! Mending, making something new, using one of our templates or project kits — anything!
  • Cheerleader on hand to answer questions and help move your project forward.
  • What if I want to stay longer than 2 hours? That’s fine! When the Social Sew ends, you can stay for Sew-On-Your-Own Studio Access, and we’ll track your studio rental in 30 minute increments. If you aren’t able to sew on your own, you’ll need to schedule additional Cheerleading time.

Not a member? Learn more about membership here.

Any Fine Print?

Well, yeah, just a little:

  • First, use your noodle. Have you just taken Beehive Basics and now want to sew a fully-lined wedding gown? That’s probably not a great first project…
  • Be patient and flexible! Social Sew has a maximum¬†of six people at a time. Lots of times there are fewer than six people, and one Beehive Cheerleader on hand. We ask that folks take turns working with the Cheerleader so that everyone gets the help they need.
  • Check in with the Studio Captain when you arrive for Social Sew; we’ll double check that you’ve got enough value on your membership card for your visit.
  • BYO food and drink, but again, use your noodle. It might not be a great idea to try to eat a lasagne and sew a fancy dress at the same time…

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