Since we launched our line of “Sew-It-Now” project kits folks have strolled in, stopped by, and planned their visit to sew something fun. In some cases, small groups of friends have organized sewing parties of their own.

And now we’re officially on the sewing party bandwagon! Click to sign up or scroll for more….

Every Saturday night from 6PM to 8PM, we’ll host a small group of folks (ages 12+ only!) to sew one of our signature Sew-It-Now kits. You purchase the kit, we walk you through it and you leave with a fun, finished project!

Advance sign up is encouraged! If there is space available, we’ll accommodate walk-ins. If you try to sign up for a project and the session is unavailable it means we’ve reached capacity. If you were really fired up to sew that project, please let us know so we can add another session!¬†Call us, email, comment on social media and we’ll get your favorite sewing projects back on the schedule.

Ready to have an extra-fun Saturday night? Check the calendar and sign up!