Learn to Sew

Take Note: Our flagship studio in Northampton is closing on April 21st! _Read more here_.

This page will be updated again soon!!

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OK, you’ve bought the fabric and a boatload of supplies, you’ve spent sleepless nights watching YouTube videos and scrolling through other people’s perfect Pinterest projects. Now, you need to learn some sewing skills so you can stop dreaming and start making!

If you’re on our website, you have some interest in sewing, right? Here’s your first pop quiz:

Do you want to




I know, I know, you’re about to say: BOTH! And I’m going say, since 2012 we’ve seen hundreds of people come through the studio doors, and everyone – everyone – wants to do one or the other. Of course, it changes for each visit — sometimes you’ve just got to get those pants hemmed or get those curtains made, and other times you want to joy of understanding the whys and wherefores of facings or collars in a group setting with a live (human!) instructor.

Remember, Beehive Sewing Studios is a judgement-free zone (just like Planet Fitness!), so it doesn’t matter to us if you want to do one or the other, but you gotta answer the question.

Still thinking?

Ok, ready?

Now, if you want to LEARN SKILLS, you can jump below to read about our courses, policies, sign up for a workshop, and plan your path to sewing self-sufficiency.

If you want to MAKE SOMETHING you have two choices: make a Beehive Sewing Studios project kit on your own, in a group, or with a cheerleader, OR become a member, book studio time, and make your project on your own.

We offer a range of classes for beginners and intermediate sewists. As more and more people learn and grow, we’ll respond by adding advanced courses. For now though, there’s been such an outpouring from folks with no experience, self-taught folks, and beginners, that our main focus has been on meeting those needs. Want to pitch a skills-based class? (Wait, what do you mean by that? We mean a class that teaches sewing techniques, like “Pattern Drafting from Measurements,” not a class that that teaches someone how to make a particular item, like “Potholders.” If you have an idea for a project that we should consider adding to our growing catalog, you can pitch that here.

<!– Start by picking one of our Curriculum Plans, which will help you grow the skills you need to become an self-sufficient sewist in our makerspace.

Don’t trust us? You can read through all of our Class and Course Overviews and make your own plan!–!>

Know what you want to learn? Some classes are already scheduled so you can check out the calendar straight away. Other classes are scheduled on-demand once you have 4 confirmed participants. Read more here about how to organize a class.

What’s with all this “we” stuff? Read more about our Teachers and their work.

Looking for more information about Policies and Procedures before jumping into things? We’re happy to chat by phone to answer additional questions, but know that our rules and policies are set in stone; please don’t call to ask if we’ll make exceptions! Yes, we’re terrible, heartless, cruel, inflexible people. We also are trying to keep our business thriving, and that means making policies that result in consistent and positive experiences. Tradeoffs, you know?