Do you want to learn essential skills so you can book studio time and sew on your own??

Start with this class!

(If, on the other hand, you want to come in and make a project from our catalog of kits, then click here!)

Beehive Basics is our signature starting point for folks who wish to start a relationship with the makerspace. That may sound a little kumbaya, but it’s true. If you are interested in making the the most of what the studio has to offer, learning to work in this space independently, and maybe even becoming a studio member, this is the class for you.

what will i learn?

Beehive Basics is about, well, the basics. As a makerspace, we take care of the equipment, which frees you up to do all the sewing. Our Studio Captains, Assistants, and Cheerleaders wind bobbins, thread machines, fill irons, change presser feet and needles, and all of the other things that have to do with the tools. That means that you get to learn:

  • How to reliably and accurately use different kinds of measuring tools
  • Tips, tricks, and safety rules for using different cutting tools
  • How to create the five (5!) essential stitches for any sewing project
  • How to sew a straight line 🙂
  • How to press (which is different from ironing. I know, it’s weird. Just go with it.)
  • How to create a seam, pivot around a corner, and turn your work.

Everyone leaves with a little project — a relaxation eye pillow/heat pack filled with rice and lavender (optional). The session is fun, and with no more than six people per session, students receive a high level of personal attention!

can i make a different project?

Nope, sorry. Beehive Basics is a jam-packed 120-minute class, and everyone does the same project. We promise, you’ll have a chance to make other things as you do more sewing.

can i bring my own sewing machine?

If you’ve purchased a Janome Magnolia or BabyLock Molly from Beehive Sewing Studios or Newman Sewing, of course! If you have any other sewing machine, we beseech you to not bring it in for class! The whole point of our business is to give you a fully-appointed studio to practice the craft of sewing. That means we teach you how to sew in this workspace.  We have made exceptions for people who agree to be responsible for threading, bobbin-winding, and managing their own piece of equipment, but to be honest, they haven’t had nearly as much fun in class as everyone else…

What does it cost and how do i sign up?

Beehive Basics is $40 per person, including all materials. We offer a 10% discount when 2 people sign up together, so it’s $72 per pair. Sign up for a session below!