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Take Note: Our flagship studio in Northampton is closing on April 21st! _Read more here_.

This page will be updated again soon!!

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Testing, testing…

It took about a year before we rolled out our BeeSchool for Beginners course, mainly because I struggled with developing a curriculum that would really empower folks to become self-sufficient, independent studio community members.

Apart from that, it’s been a real learning experience to figure out how many hours is too many per session (or not enough!), how many weeks people can reasonably commit to, and how many people we can realistically accommodate in the course.

But I think we figured it out!

The BeeSchool for Beginners course is a 15 hour course that meets weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. It starts with Beehive Basics, our signature studio orientation session to get your feet wet with our tools, equipment, space, and rules of the road.

Then, the next five session are jam-packed with essential sewing skills and techniques, including:

  • Double-fold hems
  • Pockets
  • Waistbands
  • Hidden linings
  • Boxed corners
  • Straps and handles
  • Simple garment patterns
  • Seam finishing
  • Casings and elastic
  • And a few more things, but if I wrote them you might be freaked out that it’s too much to learn, only I’ve taught this course so many times I know deep down you definitely CAN do it!

And….BeeSchoolers get priority access and 10% off our Stretch Basics class. It’s essential for people who want to work with stretch fabrics on our Sergers and Coverhem machines, so you can expand your sewing from traditional woven fabrics (like quilting cottons) to jersey, sweatshirt fleece, spandex and more.

Do I Actually Make Projects?

As much as I like to practice, sample, and prototype things, it’s actually really remarkable to complete things, too. So the short answer is yes! You will complete:

  • A relaxation hot pack/eye pillow;
  • A utility apron;
  • A large tote;
  • A pair of pajama shorts; and
  • A headband or wristband.

Check out our Instagram feed or Facebook page to see photos of all these terrific projects. Each project is also available as a Sew-It-Now Kit or template, so you can make more and more of them after the course ends.

Fine print, details, and the like…

  • BeeSchool for Beginners is open to adults and children ages 13 and up. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Folks who sign up for BeeSchool for Beginners are automatically members! You’ll receive all the benefits for membership, including discounts and other treats, when you sign up for the course.
  • The course fee is $300 and includes all fabric, patterns, notions, and other supplies.
  • Pre-registration is required, and students may hold their spot with a deposit. We also allow payment in multiple installments. Get in touch in person to chat about that.
  • We have very carefully chosen the fabrics for each class meeting to maximize your success. You will make more projects once you graduate from BeeSchool, so please, no substitutions to the provided supplies.
  • Class typically meets during meal times (lunch or dinner); you are welcome to bring food and drink to the studio, but we don’t allow eating and drinking next to the machines.
  • If you have already taken Beehive Basics, you’ll receive a $40 studio credit on your membership card. You can use those dollars for studio rental, fabric, notions, supplies, or future classes – whatever you would like!


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