Do you want to learn the secrets to working with stretchy fabrics like t-shirt jersey, fleece, lycra, and spandex??

Then take this class!

Stretch Basics is our signature starting point for folks who wish to work with stretchy fabrics using our sergers and coverhem machines. If you want to make professionally-finished garments from a range of wearable, flattering fabrics and have access to high-end sewing equipment, this is the class for you.

what will i learn?

You may see things on YouTube that suggest (errr, promise?) that you can work effectively with stretchy fabrics on a regular sewing machine. We don’t agree. The best thing about Beehive is having access to the right tools for the job! You’ll have a chance to learn why we feel so strongly about this, practice, make mistakes, and make a tiny project, all in 2 hours time….You get to learn:

  • The parts of the serger and coverhem, and how they are different from regular or conventional sewing machines
  • Best practices for measuring and cutting stretch fabric
  • Seaming and hemming knits
  • Using the serger for woven seam finishes, and
  • How to jump into your own stretch fabric project.

Everyone leaves with a little project — a secret-pocket wristband or baby hat. The session is fun, and with no more than six people per session, students receive a high level of personal attention!

can i make a different project?

Hmmmm, possibly. Stretch Basics is a jam-packed 2-hour class, so depending on how things go, we *could* make some exceptions. We promise, you’ll have a chance to make other things as you do more sewing with us!

can i bring my own serger?

If you’ve purchased a BabyLock Eclipse from Beehive Sewing Studios or Newman Sewing, of course! If you have any other serger and you have no idea how to thread it or use it, we beseech you to not bring it in for class! The whole point of our business is to give you a fully-appointed studio to practice the craft of sewing. That means we teach you how to sew in this workspace. 

What does it cost and how do i sign up?

Stretch Basics is $60 for members|$75 for non-members, including all materials. Sign up for a session below!