Japanese Shibori Dyeing Techniques

You’ve seen “tie dye,” but have you seen shibori?

This simple and beautiful technique will produce one-of-a-kind fabrics you can use in a variety of sewing and craft projects.

This workshop is divided into two parts: sign up for the morning session and learn the basic folding and clamping skills used in this traditional form of Japanese fabric dyeing.

Sign up for the afternoon session to sew a small project with your hand-dyed fabric! We have lots of templates, ideas, and kits you can use to make a small project with you. (Yes, this means we’ll use the time to dry and press your fabric from the morning so it’s ready for you to sew. You’re welcome :-))

After the workshop, you can purchase your own Beehive Sewing Shibori Toolbox featuring natural mineral dyes, or come back and rent some studio time to sew with your handmade fabric. Endless possibilities!



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