Take Note: Our flagship studio in Northampton is closing on April 21st! _Read more here_.

This page will be updated again soon!!

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Has someone dear given you a gift certificate to Beehive Sewing Studio + Workspace? Have you purchased a gift certificate for someone who will appreciate it?

We offer gift certificates in any dollar amount (within reason, I mean, a $1.00 gift certificate? The fancy paper costs that much!). Gift certificates are unrestricted, so that means the dollar value can be redeemed for any product, service, or experience we offer.

Here’s how you can redeem your gift certificate!

  • BUY FABRIC! Come into the studio and purchase some beautiful fabrics! We carry vintage fabrics, new organic and modern wovens, and organic knit/stretchy fabrics. We also have remnants, bits + pieces, and fat quarters.
  • SEW A PROJECT KIT! We have a super selection of house-made project kits you can walk in and make! If we’re busy, we’ll tell you what the wait time is to sew your project with a cheerleader. Even without any experience, you can join in a weekly Sew-A-Project party! Want to see some of our fun kits? Check them out!
  • TAKE A COURSE! Our popular BeeSchool for Beginners six-week course. This is where the rubber meets the road: you’ll learn all the tips, tricks, and old-school techniques that empower you to carry out projects independently during a sew-on-your-own visit.
  • PICK UP SUPPLIES! We carry tons of essentials like zippers, thread, pillow inserts, pattern paper, interfacing, elastic, scissors, pins, needles, and more. Full disclosure, our inventory isn’t nearly as big as a big box store, so call or read this list first!
  • SEW ON YOUR OWN! If you’ve passed the sew-on-your-own quiz, or you’ve taken our BeeSchool for Beginners course, you can sign up for studio time and mend or make whatever your heart desires! If you are a current member, we’ll take 10% off all studio fees and retail supplies, and 15% off project kits so that gift certificate will go even further…..

Of course, you can stop in for a tour, give us a call, or