We want you to sew. Really, we want to make it so easy for you to sew something that we’ve even put together project kits that you can make with us or take home! What else? We want to make it so easy for you to do things like learn Japanese sashiko embroidery that we’ve created toolboxes with everything you need to get the crafty job done!

Project Kits

Our kits feature projects that range from kid-friendly, blunt-needle toys to beginner and intermediate accessories, home decor items, and simple garments. We currently have almost 20 different DIY “Sew-It” kits to choose from, from beginner to intermediate level.

Tell me how it works

Find a project you want to make. Pay attention to the difficulty ratings. You don’t need any sewing background at all to make a Level 1 project with a Beehive Sewing Cheerleader! Our kits usually feature pre-cut fabric, supplies and notions, written instructions, plus access to a private instructional video to help you have a successful experience.

You can purchase a project kit here in the studio in two ways:

  • “Just the Kit” is pretty self-explanatory. The kit price includes the materials, supplies, and instructions only. If you’d like to sew the project independently, we’ll track your studio time while you work. You can also share the kit with a friend, give it as a gift, or whatever!
  • “Sew with a Cheerleader” allows you to purchase your kit with help from a Beehive Sewing cheerleader who will make the project with you on the spot at our “make-and-take” workstation! If we’re swamped, we’ll give you an estimated wait time. The kit fee includes up to an hour of studio time — there’s no additional charge to sew with a Cheerleader and use the makerspace!

What if I don’t like your fabric?

That’s OK, we won’t take it personally. We’ve selected fabrics that work well with each project (like canvas for the decorative throw pillow, and quilting weight cotton for the pin cushion). If you don’t like the fabric that’s in your kit, you can substitute fabrics from our Bits + Pieces bins or from our Charm Squares at no extra cost. Want remnant “baby bolts” or yardage off the bolt from our vintage collection? No problem! We’ll take 10% off the listed price if you’re using it for a kit.

The More the merrier

Want a Cheerleader to help you and a group of friends sew a project? Groups of 4 to 10 can book a sewing party. Choose the project for your party, purchase your kits at the Sew with a Cheerleader price, then reserve the studio for a 2-hour party for a flat $50 fee. Bring snacks, drinks, and your favorite playlist for a crafty time! Open to ages 13 and up. All participants must sign waiver.

Show me the kits!

Stop by the studio, download the current catalog, or click here to see our selection of fun project kits!



We’ve created a family of terrific toolboxes chock full of all the things you’ll need to carry out different kinds of projects, including:

  • Basic Travel Sewing Kit
  • Sewing Machine Maintenance Toolbox
  • Sashiko Embroidery Toolbox
  • Shibori Dyeing Toolbox

Stay tuned for new toolboxes for Modern Quilters, Garment Sewists, Kids Who Sew, and more!


“Sew It Now!” DIY Project Kits

Our current project kits Click on a photo to learn more about each of our project kits. Already bought a kit? Click a project image to watch your private instructional video. Guess what? We’re always adding more projects, so check back soon!