We want you to sew. Really, we want to make it so easy for you to sew something that we’ve even put together project kits that you can make with us or take home! What else? We want to make it so easy for you to do things like learn Japanese sashiko embroidery that we’ve created toolboxes with everything you need to get the crafty job done!

Project Kits

Our kits feature projects that range from kid-friendly, blunt-needle toys to beginner and intermediate accessories, home decor items, and simple garments. We currently have almost 20 different DIY “Sew-It” kits to choose from, from beginner to intermediate level.

Click here to see our selection of fun project kits!


We’ve created a family¬†of terrific toolboxes chock full of all the things you’ll need to carry out different kinds of projects, including:

  • Basic Travel Sewing Kit
  • Sewing Machine Maintenance Toolbox
  • Sashiko Embroidery Toolbox
  • Shibori Dyeing Toolbox

Stay tuned for new toolboxes for Modern Quilters, Garment Sewists, Kids Who Sew, and more!